Mission Statement

Geras Associates provides innovative solutions through a unique marketing strategy to compete with today’s complex business needs.  Our product allows your business to EXPAND your brand, EXTEND your footprint and ENHANCE your business through our promise to deliver executional excellence.

Our Team

jason geras


Jason Geras has more than 25 years in the automotive industry. This experience has led to the successful development of Next Sale and Next Review.

angelique adderley


Angelique started with Geras Associates at ground level and has been able to witness and be a part of the growth of this company. With a background in Graphic Design and Animation, she has been an important part of the design and development of the companies software applications.

ashley snow


Ashley Snow is an integral part of our everyday operations. She joined our team as one of our Dealership coordinators, and has become an important part of our company growth. Her background in Business Management provides us with the structure and organization to keep us moving forward and on the track to success.

Our founder, Jason Geras, Award-Winning Automotive salesman, just created the #1 Dealership and Business Apps in the World! To market this business, you must KNOW this business!

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